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Jenny Percy

: Coach For Mums of Kids With ADHD, Anxiety, or Other Unique Needs

Coaching Philosophy

I help mums of kids with ADHD, anxiety, or other unique needs shift from feeling frustrated and burnt-out to feeling calm and confident so they can better guide their child to thrive.

Being a mum isn’t always easy. Being a mum of a child with unique needs? That’s a whole different set of demands. You need more patience. More energy. More everything…

There is no greater love than one a mother has for her child, but sometimes you feel:

  • Frustrated that regular parenting advice doesn’t seem to work
  • Resentful that other families seem to have it ‘easier’ than you
  • Worried about what the future holds for your child
  • Overwhelmed trying to fit in all the demands of school, work, and home life
  • Helpless and discouraged when you can’t help your child
  • Exhausted because you don’t get any time to yourself
  • Guilty that you are neglecting other relationships and things in your life

You’ve been trying to help your child so you can feel differently, but the key is to feel differently so you can help your child…

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