Jenny Percy

: Coach for Mums with School-Aged Kids

Expert Overview

Many mums with school-aged kids struggle with trying to ‘do it all’ and feel overwhelmed and out of balance. I help them create space in their schedules and minds so they can enjoy life and not just survive it.

For mums who:

- Want to pursue a personal goal or interest but feel they don’t have the time or energy
- Feel guilty when they take time away from their families and other responsibilities to do something that’s ‘just for them’
- Feel like they’re stuck on a hamster-wheel day-in and day-out


- Feeling stretched too thin
- Saying yes to everyone and everything and no to your own goals and dreams
- Feeling like you are simply making it through the days and not living or enjoying any part of them


- Being present for your life and actually enjoying it
- Living a more fulfilled and authentic life without feeling stressed and exhausted
- Fulfilling your responsibilities without neglecting your dreams and desires

I can help you:

- Organise and manage your time
- Simplify your life
- Set priorities and boundaries
- Reduce your stress and overwhelm using proven strategies
- Put practical solutions in place to manage your personal, work and family commitments
- Create habits that protect your time and energy

Work with Me

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