Jessica Dance

: Stress & Burnout Coach for Women

Coaching Philosophy

I help high achieving women to stop feeling stressed and to stop rushing through life. I can show you how to create the perfect work life balance, without having to sacrifice your career or your family.

I understand the cycle of stress and overworking, because I have been there.

I was someone who outwardly looked as if they were achieving great career success, but I was also experiencing chronic stress and was rushing through every day, I was working excessively long hours and neglecting my relationships.
I was feeling pretty crappy to say the least, I had reached burnout.

I realised that this way of life was no longer sustainable, I was motivated to find a real solution rather than finding a quick fix, the solution I found changed everything for me.

I can help you to get crystal clear on how you want your life to look.
I will teach you how to work with focus and intention so you can contribute at the highest level and whilst still having time to relax and enjoy your time off without the shame or guilt.

You can balance it all. If you're craving more joy and freedom in your work life balance, you've come to the right place.

Let's create a life you bloody love.

Work with Me

I work with clients privately one-to-one. If you are interested in working together email me to schedule your free mini session.

You’re successful and intelligent and right now you feel knackered.

BUT you know you have what it takes to overcome the struggle you are feeling right now. This solution can work for you.

During our time together I will guide you back from stress or burnout to a life where you can thrive at work and in your relationships, it IS possible to enjoy your career and a family and not feel worn out and guilty everyday.

You reach a point where you are done with the hustle, the overwork, people pleasing and perfectionism. You want to achieve more in less time and you want rock solid relationships, I’m your woman, because I’ve been there and done all of it.