Jessica Mejia

: Women Empowerment & Branding Coach

Expert Overview

When you curate your life, you curate your legacy. When you leave it all out on the table, you’ll never be left wondering if you’ve done enough. So, it’s time to turn off default mode and intentionally choose what, when, and how you’re ready to show up in this next part of your life.

Work with Me

Build your *Brand Legacy*

I already know you have high standards because, well, you're here! It’s time to position your brand and professional online presence step-by-awesome-step with my exclusive program for branding certified LCS coaches. Lucky for you, new ideas are kinda my thing! I happen to know the coaching industry inside and out, and while Life Coaching grows more prevalent everyday, I stay on top of growing trends, marketing strategies, and the tech that empowers it all. So relax and bring your vision to me where you can count on modern takes & powerful brand strategies to help you stand out and take your brand to the next level.