Jessica Pearson

: Body Image & Weight Loss Coach

Expert Overview

I help you break free from diet culture to achieve goals that illuminate your physical and mental health.

There will be no focus on macros, tight calorie goals, or specific meal plans. That is not my jam and is usually a part of that whole on-off diet cycle that we’re trying to dissolve, so let’s skip all that and get into the more juicy stuff. 

Yes, I'll get you clear on the food and nutrition AND you're going to restore your relationship with food and your body. Your happiness is not on a deadline or at the end of the journey.

Feeling good starts now.

Work with Me

Do you want to stop repeating the same behavior patterns with food and rebelling against food rules? Overeating, emotional eating, and seemingly random binges are my specialty. Maybe you’re feeling stuck and frustrated in your body. Do you find different diet advice confusing and conflicting? When you know you can’t possibly try yet another diet but you feel like you have to do something because you’re not feeling like your best self it’s time to work with me. I’ll show you how to stop dieting so you can feel like your best self inside and out.

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