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Jessica Pearson

: Body Image & Weight Loss Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help clients break free from diet culture to achieve goals that align with inner physical and mental health. I coach clients on changing their relationship with their bodies and food. Undesired weight is a symptom of what's not working, not the problem. When you learn to think about everything differently you'll create results that last.

Work with Me

You want to lose weight but you're tired of dieting and can't bring yourself to do yet another program that feels like torture. I understand the fears associated with finding self-acceptance and the frustration that comes with figuring out which foods are supportive of your goals.  You question diet culture yet you have concerns that if you don't do something then you'll never feel the confidence you seek. I'm going to help you get out of the diet trap, solve the root cause of your problems and get you what you really want.

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