Jessie Mahoney, MD

: Mindful Life & Relationship Coach

Expert Overview

I coach women who are "successful on the surface yet struggling underneath."  I help them find calm, ease, connection and a clear and meaningful path forward in their relationships, career, and lives as a whole.  I understand the frustration of not being able to find contentment, peace, and joy after having put in years and years of work and energy into your relationships and career.  As a pediatrician, physician wellness expert, yoga instructor, mom of 3 sons, and wife for over 27 years, I am a nurturing, wise, and skilled guide for your journey to a life better-lived.  Whether you are just getting started, stuck in the middle, or are at a pivot point, I help you learn to listen to your heart, eliminate the mind chatter and internal angst, and move forward with mindful loving intention for yourself and those you love.  From this place, so much more becomes possible.   My coaching passions are relationship struggles, parenting challenges, career frustration, and eliminating emotional and physical clutter.  I have special interest in supporting those who have a partner who struggles with their mental health.

Work with Me

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