Jill Griffin

: Career Coach

Coaching Philosophy

There is a gap in career coaching services. Many career services focus on one half of the problem. They either focus on mindset or getting you into action. I believe without investigating your mind; you will not make sustainable changes to propel you into action. And without action, you don't grow and achieve your goals. Both sides need to be addressed.

My work teaches that both Mindset and Method are vital to making the changes you want in your career. We'll look at the beliefs that are holding you back, plus we'll make an action plan to move forward. You'll get clear on your strengths, skills, and values so that you have a unique blueprint for navigating your career. And most of all, you will have access, on retainer, to a successful C-Suite executive who has worked her way up, over, and through the ranks of both the world's top companies and start-ups. It's like having a wizard and a career expert in your pocket to guide you on your path. I've spent my career driving impact within global organizations and start-ups. Today, I coach others to do the same.

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Work with Me

I get it--I've been there. You've worked hard to get where you are in your career, but you are unsettled. Your job used to work, but now it no longer works for you. You didn't think you'd feel this way. You're almost embarrassed to tell your friends and family you're unhappy at the job you've worked for years to get.

You're stressed most days and the anxiety you experience makes it hard to focus and deliver. You feel like you need to stay competitive, but who exactly is your
competition? You don't know how to articulate your strengths to the
ever-changing marketplace. Maybe you just need a killer resume refresh? You
think if you got a new job, things would be different, but part of you
knows it wouldn't. You've been here before, and you haven't figured out how to
fix it.

I can get you to your goals faster and with a lot less stress. Within a few weeks of working together, you'll begin to feel more relaxed, plus you'll notice new confidence that will propel you forward. You'll start to think in possibility, and you'll even be a little nicer to yourself.

Your boss and colleagues will annoy you a heck of a lot less. You may even be considering staying at your good job. You'll know your strengths, values, and skills AND the ability to articulate them effectively.

You'll not regret the past. You'll use your failures as fuel. You'll know a new freedom, and you'll be able to manage your emotional wellbeing from anywhere.

Whether you want to move up, out, over, or fix it where you are in your career, I can get you to your goals faster and with a lot less stress. Schedule a free consultation, and let's figure out what's possible for you. Click here.