Jill Wright

: Life, Money & Connection Coach for Entrepreneurs

Expert Overview

I help coaches and entrepreneurs with a heart to serve CONNECT with who they truly are, to share their message and their mission with their people and to build the profitable life and business of their heart's desires.

You are ALWAYS doing it right, even though sometimes it feels like you're doing it all wrong. It's like a strand of Christmas lights. It seems like things aren't working, but all you need to do is simply troubleshoot to find which lights are not fully connected. Fix those broken connections and suddenly everything gets lit up.

It's not just people connections. It's connection to your mission, your vision, your purpose, your potential. It's staying connected to your values and your desires. It's staying connected to your people and their problem, so you can give them the right solutions. It encompasses all kinds of connection.

I help coaches and entrepreneurs troubleshoot those connections.

Work with Me

If you're looking for a coach who knows a bit about the struggle to build visibility after a lifetime of being invisible, I want to let you know that YOU MATTER.

If you don't know why you don't always show up and do the things you know you need to do, I want to let you know that I once wondered that about myself too.

I am NOT too busy to connect.

Because Connecting and building relationships with other coaches and entrepreneurs is not only one of my strengths and one of my top values, it's also a top priority for me, my calendar reflects that. I make space on my calendar every week for connection.

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