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Jill Wright

: The Money Coach for Life Coaches

Coaching Philosophy


I’m a Money Mindset Coach for Life Coaches. Because a strong secure mindset means a strong secure business.
Too many coaches wind up spinning, stuck and staying small – not making the money or the impact they're meant for. I help them create a healthy relationship with money to strengthen the foundation of their growing business so they can build a strong, healthy business creating MORE -- MORE impact, MORE money, MORE value.

Together, we expose the Money Beliefs keeping you from building the life and business you’ve dreamed of and uncover the TRUTH about making money as a coach.

Like my clients, you'll go from stuck to unstoppable in your business when you learn how to think about money, how to talk about money and how to handle money when it comes to building your business. You'll learn how to attract your best, most ideal clients by removing the underlying beliefs about yourself and about money that have been limiting you and limiting your business.

In my best-selling book MONEY LIES: The Sneaky Way Your Brain Sabotages Success in Your Business, I expose ten of the most common lies women believe about themselves as entrepreneurs and about making money in their business. I uncover the truth that sets them free to sign MORE clients, help MORE people and make MORE money. Get your FREE PDF of the book by visiting my website: click here.

Every week on my MONEY LIES podcast, I bust myths about making money in your business or drop a truth bombs about money that help you stop spinning and start taking laser-focused action.

I don’t coach ON money — I coach FOR money — the money you are MEANT for.

Work with Me

A healthy relationship with money is the key to success in your business.

Don't let your brain sabotage that success.

Let me show you how to detect the beliefs that are limiting you.

There’s nothing wrong with you.
There’s only something wrong with what you believe about making money as a coach.

I help you uncover the truth about who you are.
I help you recognize that you’re capable and complete.
I help you build confidence and assurance as a coach and as the CEO of your business.

I know what you’re thinking,

“But Jill, why haven’t I been able to make the money I want?”
“I know that coaching is what I’m meant to do. I was MADE for this.”

What if …
You’re also MADE for MORE Money?
You just need someone to show you what’s really missing.
That’s exactly what I help my clients with.