Jo-Anne Karlsson

: Drill Down Coach

Expert Overview

I work with professionals age 40+ drill down to the heart of an issue. We all have fears and doubts. I work with those who hide from reaching out due to fear and shame of what others think and believe. We explore anything and everything by drilling down to the heart of the matter and get you working on yourself.

Work with Me

My coaching allows flexibility to enable you to explore the areas you want to explore to move forward in your actions and decisions. However, I’m not afraid to challenge you as and when needed, so don’t expect all sunshine and roses.  Nothing is too much or too little.  No one likes looking in the mirror, because we are afraid of what we’ll see when we’re being honest. Nevertheless, coaching and drilling down is key to the work being done. Want to know more? Then email me or click here to book a free consult.