Jo Renshaw

: Life Coach for Men

Coaching Philosophy

I help men to get more done and make more money in less time, without stress or burn out

Imagine feeling 90% stressed six months from now.

You long for it, and to pursue things that enrich your life.

But right now? “I’ve had all this success” you tell yourself, “but I should be further along by now.” It feels like nothing is working, and nothing you do is good enough. No wonder you’re stressed.

You want to…
- Make more money in less time than before
- Feel 90% less stressed
- Feel the confidence and enthusiasm you used to when you started out
- Admire and appreciate yourself, and feel proud of your accomplishments
- Spend more time with your kids and less time in the office
- Get your life back

This is a place for you to...
- Speak openly about your emotions
- Sort your head out
- Become the next version of yourself, without disapproval
- Address what has you feeling burdened
- Stop using avoidance strategies to numb yourself
- Break down the stories that have stopped you living the rich life you so badly want
- Feel like you’re in the driving seat

Work with Me

I help men feel less stress and make more money in less time without stress or burn out.

We work 1:1 together for 6mths, during which time I'll help you to

- Set one big goal
- Find all the obstacles between you and the goal
- Make a plan to overcome the obstacles
- Generate the thoughts and emotions required to fuel the massive actions required to get the desired result
- Take massive action until you get the result you want
- Celebrate along the way

I offer a free consult call here.