Joan Chan, MD


Expert Overview

My methods are rooted in
– Science-based understanding of how our bodies and brains work
– Knowledge of how our societies and systems exploit our innate desires for safety and belonging and condition us to think, feel and act in ways that don’t serve us
– Unwavering belief in every human’s inherent goodness and resourcefulness

Work with Me

I help humans in healthcare to help their work in healthcare to feel more human. You are invited to listen to my podcast The Other Human in the Room to learn more about my philosophy as well.

I have a passion for restorative, transformational medical education
I truly believe the only way we can continue to learn and grow as clinicians is by reconnecting with what we need as human beings.

Medicine is constantly changing and growing. There’s an ever-growing body of knowledge, and we’re all so stretched and burned out as clinicians. I create spaces where clinicians can learn in a supportive manner that incorporates your humanity as well as what value you bring to your patients.