Jodi Schilling

: The Good Mom Coach

Expert Overview

Moms with kids with neurodiversity have next-level skills for caring and advocating for our kids.

These same skills don’t always get utilized for us, though.

People-pleasing, difficulty saying no, feeling guilty if we do take time for ourselves -- who can relate?

There’s a cost to all of this, first by keeping us out of alignment with our authenticity, and also by weakening our relationships.

As a teacher-principal-mom with autism, bipolar disorder, borderline personality and LGBTQ in my family, I learned how powerful acceptance and unconditional love for all, including us, can be.

Now I coach moms in Be You, They'll Adjust. This 3-month intensive 1:1 program lets moms live authentically, with clear, simple solutions, a little bit of humor, and highly effective coaching.

“Good Moms” are free to be their real, true selves, without apology and without guilt, so they can empower their families to do the same.

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