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Joey Mascio

: Success Coach for High School and College Students

Coaching Philosophy

I am a Success Coach for high school and college students. I help students stop letting stress, procrastination, and self-doubt suck all of the fun out of being successful.

After all, why be successful if it's not going to be FUN, right?

I am extremely effective at what I do for three reasons:

  1. As an award-winning school teacher and counselor, I have worked with hundreds of students and know the strain the education system can put on them.
  2. As a certified life coach, I know how to use cognitive behavioral approaches to give students the power back over their life and actions.
  3. As a trained improviser and experienced entertainer who has performed on hundreds of stages over the past two decades, I don’t make what I do boring!!

I can help your student create more motivation, manage their schedule and their stress, and carve out their future with certainty and a determination fitting to their potential.

Work with Me

I have three powerful ways students can work with me.

The Firmly Founded Teen membership, perfect for those who are getting used to coaching.

One of my Lead Your Life Masterclasses, co-taught with Ben Pugh, another certified teen coach.

One-on-one coaching, by far the most effective way to get your student personalized support.

To get your student started, schedule a free coaching workshop with me. Click here.