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Julie Cosgrove

: Healing Focused Faith Based Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I'm a woman of faith, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS. I help women of all faiths build their faith in Jesus Christ as they work to overcome pain, past trauma, anxiety, and limiting beliefs about themselves. I help them explore areas of their faith they are struggling with, with compassion, curiosity, and love.

I help women of faith believe in themselves and in their ability to access wisdom and power from within to embrace healing, love themselves unconditionally, handle any challenge, live powerfully, and improve any relationship. I help them show up intentionally and become a better version of themselves.

I help women break free from the pain of their past that continues to show up in their present. I help them take back their power as they shed the victim of their past. I help them create self confidence to face life head on, set healthy boundaries, and intentionally create what they want in their lives.

Work with Me

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