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Julie Cosgrove

: Emotional Relief Coach (LDS)

Coaching Philosophy

I am the Emotional Relief Coach for LDS women feeling weighed down by post-therapy past trauma, culture of abuse, difficult family relationships, and perfectionism. My clients learn how to create emotional relief and resilience for themselves, confidently move forward, and start thriving in their lives.

I help post-therapy LDS women overcome pain, past trauma, perfectionism, and anxiety. I help them explore pain points in their faith related to past trauma with compassion, curiosity, and love.

I help women break free from the pain of their past that continues to show up in their present. I help them take back their power as they shed the victim of their past. I help them create self-trust and self-confidence to face life head on, set healthy boundaries, stop people-pleasing, and intentionally create what they want in their lives. I teach them how to live powerfully and improve any relationship.

I help my clients believe in themselves and in their ability to access wisdom and power from within to embrace healing, love themselves unconditionally, and handle any challenge.

Work with Me

I work one on one with my clients and build each session off the last. I help them recognize the patterns in their lives creating the results they currently have and how to create the results they desire most.

I offer a six month program to become the TRUE You. I offer a way past the pain, the trauma, and unhealthy relationships to discover the YOU, you were always meant to be.

I also offer a monthly membership to continue to support you on your healing journey.

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