Julie DeWitt

: Weight Loss Coach to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

Expert Overview

OMG! You've Got to Hear This! My program uses a commonsense process which includes NO counting calories, NO measuring food portions & NO meal plans. My process works 100% if you put the work in. Food is not good or bad, it’s just food. Diets are ineffective because they treat the “symptoms” of weight gain, not the “root causes.” My program focuses on the “CAUSES” of why you are overweight. It’s not about your love for food, it’s what you’re “THINKING” about food.

You will learn why your brain is not the problem, it’s your ANSWER & the solution to being overweight in not out there, ALL your answers are inside you. I will help you uncover what is keeping you stuck on your weight loss journey because I can see what you can’t. I will guide you to identify what thoughts & feels are holding you back from losing weight. You will learn strategies to overcome ALL the obstacles that are getting in your way.

I solely work 1 on 1 with clients. I have the exact process that takes away overeating & overhuger for permanent results. It’s simple, you are overweight because you are overeating & over desiring food. Weight loss is not complicated. It takes understanding how your thoughts & feelings contribute to you being overweight. I will teach you hunger awareness & how to stop using food to escape or numb out from what you are thinking &/or feeling. You will get a customized plan just for you. Are you ready to create the life you always wanted? I’m ready to help you.I know from personal experience that once you understand what is blocking you from reaching your goals, the weight comes off for good. My training & specialty is to teach you how to end yo-yo dieting for good.

Work with Me

I’m a Certified Weight Loss Coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified Health Coach and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I help people stop yo-yo dieting, lose weight & keep it off for good. I have been right where you are right now! I felt frustrated & ashamed of myself as I failed diet after diet. I felt deprived on diets, wondering what was wrong with me because I couldn’t follow a diet or food plan like others & I was eating to escape my emotions. I used to think: Why am I broken? Why can’t I lose weight? Why do I obsess over food? & Is it my age/menopause why losing weight is a struggle? These were thoughts I had day in & day out. My brain was exhausted!

I worked on the “CAUSE” of my overeating instead of focusing on the “symptoms” of overeating.” I lost 45 lbs from a place of loving the process & loving myself. Today, I trust myself around food, I don’t impulsively eat, going to restaurants & social events are no longer threatening environments. I don’t worry about gaining my weigh back because I lost it from a place of self-worth, self-trust & understanding what triggers me to overeat. I enjoy life & I’m free from food obsessions. You can experience a life changing transformation. Schedule a free life coach session & let’s explore what is standing in your way to reaching your weight loss goals & living your best life. Can’t wait to chat. If not now, then when??