Julie Squires

: Life Coach & Compassion Fatigue Specialist

Expert Overview

I am all about empowerment. Empowering you to feel the way you want to feel no matter what is going on around you. Society teaches us that others cause our feelings, they don't. Stop looking to change the things (aka other people!) outside of you to feel better. You can't and you don't have to! I teach you how to change yourself because that's the only thing you can change.  That's empowering!

Work with Me

I work with people who work with animals.

Mainly veterinarians, veterinary professionals an animal welfare folks. I've worked in vet med for 25 years and have seen the toll the work can take (compassion fatigue, burnout and primary traumatic stress) on amazing people.

I've struggled too, a lot. I've overcome eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse in an attempt to escape my feelings. But I now know a better way! A way that actually works. And I owe that all to life coaching.

Being coached changed my life. I'd love to help you change yours!

P.S. Check out my podcast, Rekindling. Available wherever you get your podcasts or here on my website.