Jyenny Babcock, EdD

: EdD/PhD Student Coach

Expert Overview

Only 50% of doctoral students graduate; I’m here to change that!

Too often doctoral students end up being miserable from the sustained pressure to perform while maintaining a career and meeting family obligations. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I help miserable EdD/PhD students balance life and become unstoppable in just 4 weeks.

Quickly build the unshakeable confidence you need to create the educational experience you dreamed of... the one that fuels your life’s mission.

You can THRIVE in your program!

Work with Me

If your usual support system isn’t enough to see you through your doctoral journey, please allow me to become part of the support system that gets you to graduation. With my causal coaching approach, we will uncover your personal blocks and find the strategies that move you forward so you don’t have to waste time stuck in overwhelm.

I will show you how to live your best life now, instead of waiting until your degree is finished.

Let’s discuss the possibilities.