Kara Wada, MD

: Invisible Illness Coach

Expert Overview

I help busy professional women struggling with autoimmune and other chronic invisible illnesses redefine success in their lives and rediscover their vibrant, confident selves again! I approach coaching from a place of abundance and a holistic point of view focused on fostering self-compassion.

Work with Me

When I became a food allergy mom and autoimmune patient in the same month, I was devastated. Now 3 years later, I am more passionate than ever to help others struggling with misbehaving immune systems learn how to not just survive but actually thrive with a chronic invisible illness.

As a systemic Sjogren's patient, mom of 3, and practicing allergy/immunology and lifestyle medicine physician, I approach coaching both from the body and the mind. My group program Redefining Success includes non-restrictive anti-inflammatory nutrition education. I also coach a small number of clients on a 1:1 basis.

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