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Karen C.L. Anderson

: Boundaries Coach for Adult Daughters

Coaching Philosophy

I help smart, creative women (with a bit of a rebellious streak) use the difficult relationship they have with their mothers as a catalyst for growth.

Their mothers are the Kryptonite to their Superwoman (in the Superman movies, Kryptonite is an alien mineral that has the property of depriving Superman of his powers).

I created the Mother Lode Mentorship for women who are ready to take their power back from their mothers.

The term "mother lode" refers to a principal vein of precious minerals – the origin of something valuable or in great abundance. In other words, exactly the opposite of Kryptonite.

Women who work with me want to:

  • Stop spending their time and energy “managing” and “coping” with their mothers.
  • Live with less guilt, defensiveness, anxiety, bitterness, hopelessness, and rage.
  • Learn the critical skill of responding, not reacting.
  • Feel both safe and powerful in making changes to the relationship.
  • Stop people-pleasing.
  • Trust and respect themselves.
  • Shift their focus from blaming their mothers (or themselves) to taking responsibility for themselves.
  • Establish and maintain healthy, mature boundaries.
  • Feel more positively (or at least neutral) about the relationship, even if they choose to have very little contact with their mothers.
  • Have a drama-free adult relationship with their mothers.

My approach is safe, trauma-informed, effective,!

P.S. I also coach coaches who have creativity blocks. 🙂

Work with Me

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What happens on a Clarity Call?

You share your story with me, you get clarity on your situation, and we identify next steps and obstacles that might be in the way.

If appropriate, we discuss working together longer term.