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Karen C.L. Anderson

: Master Coach For Women With Troubled Mother/Adult Daughter Relationships

Coaching Philosophy

I help women improve the relationship they have with their mothers or adult daughters (or both!) by:

#1 getting clear on what they value: this helps them get clarity on what's important to them and why,
so they can decide what’s right for them based on their internal compass and who they want to be in the relationship,
not on their fears and worry about what other people think.

#2 setting and maintaining boundaries that actually work: healthy boundaries are the bedrock of healthy relationships. They are the antidote to co-dependence and emotional enmeshment. My healthy boundary formula takes the guess-work out of the process.

#3 re-mothering themselves: understanding their nervous systems and their unique responses allows them to work WITH themselves, not against themselves. These tools and practices help them feel more ease and flow in their bodies, in their lives...and in their relationships.

My clients report that they...

- Spend way less times and energy "managing" and "coping" with their mothers or daughters.

- Are able to find a middle path between estrangement and enmeshment.

- Live with less guilt, defensiveness, anxiety, resentment, hopelessness, and rage.

- Feel both safe and powerful in making changes to the relationship.

- Experience a lot less shame.

- Stop people-pleasing.

- Are better able to respond (versus reacting)

- Have more trust in themselves, and respect for themselves.

- Establish and maintain healthy, mature boundaries.

Work with Me

Click here to schedule a Clarity Call with me.

What happens on a Clarity Call?

You share your story with me, you get clarity on your situation, and we identify next steps and obstacles that might be in the way.

If appropriate, we discuss working together longer term.