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Kate Gladdin

: Teen & Young Adult Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

The purpose of my coaching is to help teens and college students gain a greater sense of control over their emotional life and their reactions to even day to day setbacks. As a teen who had chronic anxiety and an eating disorder during high school, I know how it feels to struggle with a sense of lack of control during the turbulence of adolescence.

So I teach them the awareness, motivation and tools they need to begin to understand their emotions, change their thought habits and be well on their way to transitioning from a fixed to a growth mindset - the foundation of true resilience in life.

Why do I love to coach teens on resilience?

Well in 2012 as a college student, I woke up to the news that my sister had been killed in an accident - it shattered my world. Since discovering the world of self coaching, I've learned that what doesn’t kill us can make us stronger. Named one of Australia’s 100 Women of Influence, I'm an international speaker who truly understands the overwhelm and anxiety teens and young adults struggle with.

Originally from Sydney Australia, I now live in the USA as a published author and certified life coach for high school & college students. I speak at schools & colleges around the world and on my podcast show, “Okay, Now What?”. Over the last 7 years I've shared my empowering message with over 200,000 students to help them overcome any challenge they face - no matter how unexpected, uncertain or unwanted it may be.

Work with Me

You can learn more about my one on one 8 week coaching program on my website here.

Want to get a vibe for me and my coaching style first? Check out my podcast show for students, "Okay, Now What?"