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Kate Mikuliak

: Climate Action Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help people emotionally and mentally accept the realities of global warming and climate change so they can take actions that align with their values and goals.

Work with Me

So many of us aren’t living in integrity with our values or doing what we want in life because we are letting our fear and anxiety over the climate change crisis run wild. Whether you're struggling with choices you have already made or those that you want to make but can't,  I can help you tame your brain and take power over your life in the face of global warming. Through one-on-one coaching, you'll learn to:

  • Process your thoughts and feelings about climate change and face the current crisis with centered calmness
  • Find out the difference between your unique “I should” and “I want to” for climate-conscious lifestyle and behavior choices
  • Learn how to successfully and sustainably implement your desired actions without guilt or resentment
  • Access resources for eco-friendly lifestyle and climate emergency preparedness best practices
  • Adopt media literacy to access the information about climate change and extreme weather that you want and need without succumbing to the drama and noise of the news

Are you ready to change your climate change anxiety into action? Let's talk!