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: Mind & Body Intelligence Coach for Entrepreneurs

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Too many entrepreneurs pursue their own business for freedom and flexibility and to get away from the hustle of the corporate world but find it hard to navigate the ups and downs of growing a business without getting burnt out. They feel under constant pressure to sustain their success, but they aren't given the tools to help them leverage their energy and natural strengths, so they suffer from chronic stress and continue to hit an income plateau.

Elevate to Epic is a three-month 1:1 coaching program that teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage mind & body intelligence so they can optimize their performance, become more resilient leaders, and break through their income ceiling. This VIP coaching experience shows them how to make small tweaks to their schedule so they can make more money, work smarter, and invest their energy in the most productive and profitable ways. They are given tools and strategies to improve their resilience threshold so they can solve problems faster, and rebound from setbacks more powerfully. The program combines world-class marketing and mindset strategies plus human design tools in a way you can't get anywhere else and leads to life-changing results and positive ripple effect to everyone around them.

Kate Reuter is an internationally best-selling author, cancer-survivor, and mom of a blended family with 4 children. She has been a full-time coach to 6, 7, and multi 7-figure entrepreneurs since 2018.

In 2013, she was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant and spent the next 4 years raising a newborn and a toddler as a stay-at home mom. In 2017, she was going through a divorce, at which point she found herself learning how to become a single mom to her two kids under the age of 3 while re-booting her consulting business and in complete overwhelm. Using these tools, she learned to overcome adversity, launch her business to $10k months during the pandemic, and stopped the cycle of chronic stress and burnout so she could finally enjoy the wildly passionate life she desired. She is incredibly passionate about her work, and as she expands her impact through coaching, is working to fulfill her mission of helping less women retire in poverty.

She can't wait to see what you want to create.

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