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Kathleen Allen

: Active Life Coach for Dental Professionals

Coaching Philosophy

Kathleen uses Active Life Coaching to help dental professionals live a full and productive life without sacrificing the connections that matter most. Let me show you how caring for yourself, patients and loved ones can shift from a feeling of "spread too thin", guilt and overwhelm to a beautiful manifestation of a full, rewarding life of abundance.

The active component is unmatched! Coaching while you run, walk, hike or even Peloton; this can be done live or most often virtually. Clarity comes through movement; learning is enhanced and bonus + the physical benefits of exercise. I can't wait for you to experience this one- of- a- kind life coaching are going to love it!

Work with Me

Whether you are an individual looking for improved job satisfaction and living a full, productive life or would like help in motivating and creating a cohesive, effective team: I’ve got you!

I offer a year long individual coaching program or a quarterly team program. Included are individual coaching sessions with the option of Active or Zoom calls, videos, emails and application tools.

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