Kathleen Kelley

: Coach for Health Care Workers

Expert Overview

Are you a health care worker who started out with a deep desire to help others and have now found you are struggling to help yourself? Has healthcare lost its “shine?”  Have you lost your own inner radiance?

I help health care workers answer this question about their current job, “Should I stay or should I go?”  I will work with you to reveal the thoughts that are depriving you of your own inner shine, your inner radiance.  Whether you need a new lease on staying in your health care field or you are considering leaving, first you need to manage your thoughts.

Work with Me

As a Physical Therapist for over 30 years and a Physical Therapy educator for 25 years, I was deeply devoted to my profession, health care and the idea that my calling was to help people. I had spent a lot of time (and money!) becoming both an expert clinician and educator. I was gripping hard to my identity as a Physical Therapist. But I wasn’t happy anymore. And I thought it was because of everything outside of myself – changes in the health care delivery system, insurance, the pandemic. Coaching showed me that everything begins within.

Through coaching I learned to be happy with my current job and dream of something different. Coaching gave me back my belief that I know what is best for me. Coaching reminded me how to dream big, go for it and not look back. I revealed my lost inner radiance through coaching, let's reveal yours!

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