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Kathrine Weissner

: Midlife Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help women in their midlife (approx. ages 30-55) find their spark and self again. Does it feel like your life is suddenly falling apart - from your job, to your relationships, to your personal identity? Or that your body & soul are staging a revolt and are saying no more to your old lifestyle? Welcome officially to the midlife awakening club. It's a wonderful place to be - it's a time of great change and freedom - a time to reconnect back in with who you truly are and create clarity, passion and deep meaning in your life for years to come.  I've been there and helped countless women navigate back "home".

Work with Me

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I work with women using mindset, strategic, somatic and spiritual tools to help them get clarity and create the next chapter in their lives. I'm an anthropologist, intersectional feminist, mom to 3, and the creatrix of my own multi million dollar company that I started when I was 26 (I help women start and grow their businesses all the time as part of the coaching). I work with the body & brain to help calm your nervous system, identify & change societal conditioning that is not serving you anymore, and step into your power & confidence to create the life you were meant to live.