Katie Chavez

: Post Abortion Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help women own their story rather than live in shame or guilt by it. Being a Christian who's had an abortion myself, I know the guilt and conviction associated with choosing an abortion. As in my case, I didn't understand for a long time how my past decision was impacting who I was showing up to life as; my marriage, my business, my beliefs, my finances, on a daily basis. Fear of being condemned, seen as a hypocrite, and being ostracized kept me frozen with fear of sharing with anyone what I had done for many years. I didn't want to live my life this way.

If you feel like you're negatively impacted today by your abortion, could be 30 years ago, could be as late as yesterday, I'm here to help you process and work through what you're feeling so you are able to own your story with confidence and create the life of your dreams; to do what you thought was never possible.


Work with Me

God had a plan for you since the beginning of time. He knew every choice we would make, including the one to have an abortion. Don't let this decision keep you from living the life Christ came to give; life and life to the full. Schedule a time on my calendar that works for you so we can discuss working together. Please email me if nothing you see fits your schedule, I'm more than happy to accommodate.