Katie Wrede

: The Tech Mentor for Coaches

Expert Overview

Raise your hand if you LOVE your business, but you’re not a fan of the technology part. (I get it, no shame!)

Maybe you wish you had a more efficient and organized way to run your business using technology.

Perhaps you just want your webinars, social media posts, and other systems to stand out from the crowd.

OR…you KNOW you could figure it out with enough Googling and Youtube-ing…but who wants to take the time to do that?!

My name is Katie Wrede and I'm "The Tech Mentor for Coaches". I'm known to get a little too excited when asked to help with anything tech related...and always seems to have the latest tech tools in hand.

Whether it's website drama, social media, email confusion, or the fact that you just want someone to do it all for you...I've got you every step of the way.

No matter your reason, I can help! Check out how, below.

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