Kelley Forsberg

: Life Coach for Veterans

Expert Overview

I am a Certified Life Coach for Veterans who are transitioning from the Military to Civilian life. It doesn't matter if you have started your transition leave or if you have been out for 10 years, the transition looks different for all Veterans. I help Veterans create a Civilian life they love with success, significance, and purpose.

I served as both an enlisted Soldier and a Logistics Officer in the Army for 9 years before medically retiring. I loved my time in the military and I grieved it hard when I left. I wasn't sure what I was doing or how to function optimally without an order or a chain of command to follow.

I learned to navigate my goals and what I wanted for myself on my own, but it was a bumpy ride! I learned that the Military side of me will never go away completely and that I don't want it to. It is possible to fully embrace the Military person you were and the Civilian person you most want to be as a Veteran, so you can live a life you create and take charge of.

Work with Me

I currently work with my clients one-to-one. More information about my process and my program can be found on my website, click here.