Kelly Hanlin McCormick

: Anxiety Coach

Expert Overview

I am a Certified Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and soon-to-be Mindfulness Meditation Teacher who specializes in working with high-functioning women who struggle with stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. They’re doing all the things and wondering why they can’t figure out how to get it together, already.

With 2 school-aged boys of my own, I get it. The effort that goes into balancing parenting, relationships, health, home, work, and (oh yeah) “me time” can seem like a Rubick’s cube with no solution.

I know how you’re feeling.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients calm their stress and anxiety over the past decade.

I can be your guide on the path to calm and peace. Settle in; I’ve got you.

Work with Me

I offer coaching and support for everyone...

My private coaching program is a fully immersive, 6-month experience, custom-tailored to *you*, that utilizes tools and techniques from the world of coaching, mindfulness, and self-compassion. You can apply and schedule a consult call by clicking here.

My part-DIY, part-live virtual membership program, The Fierce Calm Project, is based on the pillars of: Coaching (awareness of thoughts & feelings + taking intentional action), Yoga (incorporating the movement + lifestyle of a regular yoga practice), Mindfulness Meditation (a compassionate practice to deepen kindness, awareness, & stillness), and Contribution (ongoing education + action in the sphere of human rights & conservation). Find out more and get enrolled by clicking here.

I also offer small group coaching programs focused on Transforming Anxiety and Anxious Overdrinking. New cohorts begin throughout the year. Find out more and schedule a consult call by clicking here.