Kelly Leugers

: Life and Leadership Coach

Expert Overview

Is this you?

  • You have the degree, but you doubt and question yourself all the time. You wonder when you'll ever start feeling confident.
  • You can start feeling confident now.
  • Outwardly, you're successful but inwardly you're still beating yourself up for a mistake you made. When does that little voice ever go away? Doesn't time heal all wounds?
    • What if the little voice was still there, but it no longer bothered you
    • If time healed all wounds, you probably wouldn't even be reading this, would you?
  • You want to live a healthier life to improve wellness, stop overdrinking, or stop overeating. You know to eat more vegetables, but after a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, or a night of drinking more than you planned (again), you're not too sure a carrot is going to even this all out. What is happening?
    • We got you! You're in the right spot.
  • You want to a little "tune up" and are interesting in improving your growth-mindset. You've heard that buzz word being tossed around the office along with "nested", "game changer", or "the new normal".
    • What is a growth-mindset anyway?
    • Yaas. Let's teach you. This isn't a buzz word, it's a whole life word. We'll get you squared away!

Let's change what isn't working for you.

Now. Permanently.

Are you ready to do the work to live the life you imagined? Let's get started today!

Work with Me

Hi, I'm Kelly. I am a certified Executive Leadership Coach and a certified Life Coach. I also have a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. I help clients build self-confidence to live amazing and fulfilling lives.

I've been interested in resiliency since my deployments to Iraq. Years later, I became a Resiliency Training Assistant (2014) through the US Army's Program and then a Master Resiliency Trainer (2020). In my work as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I saw how beliefs, lifestyle choices, and nutrition influenced some people's success more powerfully than their diagnosis.

After some personal set-backs (which time forgot to fix!), I decided to see where I, too, was holding myself back. Coaching challenged me to see my blindspots, and I was hooked! It took my resiliency knowledge to the next level. I had to get certified to help others and spread this knowledge. I got certified as a coach through The Life Coach School. And, through a unique opportunity, I also got certified as a Coach for the US Army. Collectively, it was and is a great opportunity to help everyone!

As a coach, I help people see their own minds and create the results they want in life. Are you ready to you up level your own life? Your future self will thank you!

I can't wait to meet you and guide you along your personal path of progress and growth. Let's chat in a free mini session!  Visit my website for more info!