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Kerrie Iannuzzi

: Dating Coach for Women 40+ Who Want to Meet & Marry Their Soulmates

Coaching Philosophy

My mission is to empower single, successful women 40+ to meet and marry their Soulmates quickly and easily. Learn to cultivate Soulmate level love in a way that feels aligned and enjoyable. As an expert in the field of love and dating for many years, I will teach you how to show up as the truest version of yourself while only attracting partners that align with your core values and life plan.

Work with Me

What if your Soulmate was looking for you, just like your looking for them? I have a proven process that will allow you "call in" your perfect partner quickly and in a way that feels aligned with you soul's purpose.

In my program you'll learn to navigate the online dating world efficiently, weeding out unavailable partners immediately, step into self-worth and self-respect, become a master of manifestation and visualization to up-level EVERY part of your life, while making everyday decisions that align with the future you've only dreamed of.

Do you desire a conscious, committed and compassionate partner? If you're ready to embrace the life you know you were destined for and have a deep desire to meet & marry your Soulmate, then it's time to work together, schedule a free call with me. Click here.