Kimberley Mauro

: International Life & Success Coach for Ambitious Executives

Expert Overview

I help Ambitious Executives and High Achieving Professionals create Personal and Professional growth.

No cuddles. No woo.

Just a F*ck Tonne of Helping You get to where You want to be.

Because wanting to change is not enough.

Work with Me

Are you feeling stuck personally or professionally?

Maybe you've been struggling to snap yourself out of a negative mindset that's not serving you & keeps you playing small.

Or maybe you're feeling okay and simply want to level up in one or more areas of your life and career.


You want to start feeling better NOW and get back to crushing your goals.

If this is You, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation/coaching call with me here.

On this call, You and I will explore your current challenges limiting your personal and professional success. We will also discover what your life and career will look like when you step into your full potential.

There are two ways to work with me:

1) 1:1 Customized VIP Signature Program

2) Small Group Coaching Program

Inside these programs, you will learn how to feel better, be confident and go after the things you want personally and professionally. We coach & do serious work together and we laugh, a lot. I love my clients hard while holding them accountable for the things they say they want for themselves. They love to be called out on what's holding them back and propel themselves forward in the direction they want to go.

You can learn more here by getting immediate access to an informative video and free bonus guide.

I look forward to supporting You on your path to getting everything you want!

I'll see you inside The Vault.

Big Love,