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Kimberly Severson

: Weight Loss & Mindset Coach for Women Who Love Food

Coaching Philosophy

My mission is to help women lose weight and rediscover a fully joyful, drama-free relationship with the food and wine they love.  I am a lifelong foodie and former Chef + Sommelier turned Food-Positive Women’s Weight Loss Coach.  I teach women with a passion for good food how to stop OVEReating, so that they can achieve sustainable, permanent weight loss without having to give up the food-centric lifestyle they love.

Work with Me

If you are ready to start feeling healthier and more confident without having to sacrifice any of the joy you find in food, I would love to chat with you.  Book your free 60-minute Discovery Session here.

You can download my free guide, The Secret to Losing Weight (Without Giving Up the Foods You Love) here.