Kira Swanson

: Follow Your Bliss Coach for Corporate Misfits

Coaching Philosophy

I work with corporate misfits who dread Mondays. They feel stuck in an unfulfilling job. I help them identify the passion that they have traded away for the sake of security and acceptance. They wake up from scarcity thinking, tune into what they really want, and find the courage to choose themselves so they can finally live a life free of self-imposed limitation, embracing their passion and following their bliss. Whether it’s striking out on their own, landing in a new job, or thriving right where they are, I help my clients to Love Monday.

I have an MBA from Duke University and a Ph.D. from Saybrook University. I held the positions of project manager, manager, and director at Fortune 100/500 companies. I walked away from six-figure positions in twice. I know how to do this and how not to do it. Grasping that distinction makes a huge difference!

Work with Me

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