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Kirsten Simon

: Quarter-Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help high achieving women experiencing a quarter-life crisis get out of the rut, figure out exactly what they want, and create the fulfilling, intentional future they’ve always wanted.

The women I work with have achieved what they set out to achieve – the degree, the stable job, the husband, the family – but they’re not as happy as they envisioned themselves being when they were younger.

They’re unfulfilled at work and questioning whether they should move on. They’re unsure of their passion and purpose in life and know they’re not reaching their full potential. And the added stress of questioning themselves and being confused about what to do next is taking a toll on their energy.

Sound familiar?

I’ll help you cut through the confusion, silence the seemingly neverending chatter in your mind, and help you figure out exactly what you want and how to create it.

You’re going to look back and believe with your whole heart that this quarter life crisis was the best thing that ever happened to you.

Work with Me

I provide customizable private 1:1 coaching packages for a limited number of clients per month by application only.

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