Krista St-Germain

: Master Life Coach for Widowed Moms

Expert Overview

I help widowed moms learn to work with their grief so they can fall in love with life again.

You see, most widows have been sold an outdated an inaccurate bill of goods about grief and resigned themselves to a "new normal" they aren't excited about. They don't know about Post Traumatic Growth. They don't know that most of what they've learned about grief is wrong. And if they do know they can be truly and genuinely happy again, no one is teaching them how.

After my husband, Hugo, was killed by a drunk driver in 2016, I worried my best days were behind me. That my shot at real happiness was gone. All my dreams had been about us. I wanted to believe that better was possible but didn't have the tools. Therapy helped me get back on my feet so I was surviving but Life Coaching gave me the tools I needed to create a future I could get excited about.

In my Mom Goes On group coaching program, I help widowed moms get back to truly living life again. Once we're done, you'll feel free of the heaviness that's weighing you down and keeping you stuck. You'll be ready to move forward with life. You'll be certain of your ability to make any kind of decision on your own and know you can create the future you want. You'll be confident in your parenting, knowing you're raising resilient, independent children. You'll stop trying to be both parents. Your relationships with others will seem easier because you'll know exactly why they aren't working and what to do about it. Whether you're dating again or contemplating it, you'll know you can be happy either way. We will have examined every area of your life and you'll be stronger, bolder and more self-assured than you've ever been. You'll know what you want going forward and you'll have the tools you need to create it. And you'll have a new community of widows like you who get it and plenty of support along the way.

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