Kristen Carder

: ADHD Coach

Coaching Philosophy

My name is Kristen Carder and I have adult ADHD.

I used to be filled with frustration. I was angry at myself and others that my goals weren’t happening. I was a chronic under-earner, under-achiever, and under-performer. I felt like I was missing something. I was right. I was missing a proper ADHD treatment plan. I was missing an understanding of how my ADHD brain works. I was missing the ability to understand and feel my emotions. I was missing the support I needed to help me to accomplish goals.

Everything is different now. I've mastered my ADHD brain, implemented support, and built the life that I've always wanted.

I’m a Certified Life Coach who helps adults with ADHD figure out how to get sh*t done and enjoy their lives.

Work with Me

It’s hard to have ADHD. If you want to make real changes in your life, surround yourself with people who GET YOU in an ADHD coaching program that was designed FOR YOU. That’s us. Come with us.

Focused is an all-inclusive monthly membership where I teach you how to feel better and create the life that you’ve always wanted…even with ADHD.

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