Lærke Nielsen

: Dating Coach for High-Achieving Women

Expert Overview

I help strong, independent, high-achieving women discover a new way of attracting love while learning and growing as a person.

You have created a lot of success in life and career, but you still haven’t “cracked the code” to your love life. You might have had some longer relationships or even a marriage behind you, but it didn’t turn out to be right after all, and now you’re back in the dating arena, only to wonder if you are doing something wrong or all the good ones are gone…

Dating should be fun and exciting – while giving you the result you are looking for; a loving and deeply connected relationship with a man who adores you exactly the way you are.

I help you become the woman who naturally attracts the man of your dreams, by first becoming your own best partner.

My program is designed especially for high-achieving women, the ambitious go-getters who struggle to create the same success in love as in life.

We start by doing the inner work, and then I teach you dating skills that you get to implement by practicing on dates. You will get a chance to learn something new on each date you go on, and you will never feel that dating is a waste of time.

Work with Me

I offer 1:1 coaching with weekly sessions on zoom; book a complimentary consultation call HERE.

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