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Laura De Sans, MD

: Mindset & Holistic Weight Loss Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Looking for a Lasting Weight Loss?

Lasting weight loss goes beyond calories in and calories out.

Finding the root cause of your problem and working from that place, is essential to get the result you want.

Lasting weight loss is about nourishing your body in a way that reduces hunger and your desire for food, about how to talk to yourself and about learning to process your feelings rather than using food to escape from them.

Wouldn’t be fantastic if you feel in control of the food that you eat, instead of food controlling you?

This is also possible for you! and it does not require to feel hungry, deprived & miserable all the time.

I am a Holistic Weight Loss Coach and lifestyle physician. I help working moms to feel better in their own bodies and getting rid of the burden of losing weight by stopping overeating and losing weight Permanently. From inside out. Without depriving themselves.

Work with Me

I’ve created REWIRE, a holistic program (mind- body - emotion) tailored to you; where we uncover the root cause of your problem and we rewire your brain for a natural, permanent weight loss!

Work with me:

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