Laura De Sans, MD

: Lasting Weight Loss & Mindset Coach

Expert Overview

I help female business owners ditch dieting and overcome emotional eating so that they can finish with their lifetime struggle with weight & start living a better and healthier life.

LASTING weight loss goes beyond calories in & calories out.

Our body is complex (and amazing!); and so our minds.

And, because everything starts in your mind, you need to lose your mental weight first.

You need to release all the things that “weigh” on your mind (all the should/shouldn’t, unhealthy thoughts, habits & attitudes and manage your inner critic), in the first place.

Successful weight loss starts by managing your mind.

If you've tried and failed to lose weight and/or you know you’re sabotaging your weight loss success, stop stumbling around in the dark on your own and contact me to get the help you need.

Work with Me

REWIRE is my 1:1 high touch coaching program, tailored to you, that will teach you sustainable weight loss habits that begins with rewiring your mind because this is where the overeating began.

Change your inner dialogue & create the healthy habits that will 10x your quality of life and make your weight loss sustainable in the long term.

If you’re done with dieting from a place of self-punishment, and want a self-loving way to lose weight, improve your health and thrive in your life,

Book your FREE, no strings attached call HERE.