Laura Dixon

: Naturally Thin Coach for Type A Women

Expert Overview

Brilliant, successful, Type A women have a particular struggle with losing weight. You have proven to yourself that you can follow a strict diet, but you don't want to count, obsess and restrict for the rest of your life to lose weight and then to keep it off. Instead, I teach you how to become Naturally Thin, which is different from losing weight. Being Naturally Thin is about the freedom that comes with knowing you will never put the weight back on because your desire to feel light and energized in your body is greater than your desire to overeat.

Work with Me

In the Naturally Thin for Life program, you learn how to end the obsessive dieting cycle and become Naturally Thin for Life. You learn the only 5 Steps you need to make Naturally Thin food decisions and how to make that decision-making process habitual and automatic. No meticulous meal planning or counting and nothing is ever "off limits." Put an end to "starting tomorrow" and live the rest of your life free from the obsession.

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