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Laura Kampers

: Imposter Syndrome Coach

Coaching Philosophy

The fact you are here means you're ready to change your life. Like many people I work with, you may be feeling unsure of yourself or even completely stuck. Despite an outwardly successful lifestyle, envied probably by some, the inner you reveals a different story: you often feel like an imposter, yet have to behave like you're always in total control.

Sounds familiar? Then, you've come to the right place.

Work with Me

Things aren’t always as they seem. Look around you and you'll see many apparently high-achieving people living apparently wonderful lives. But many of those formidable people secretly struggle with who they really are, doubting their own identity and worth in a socially complex world. Maybe you are one of them. Maybe an irrational sense of fear prevents you from living the life you want. If so, working with me could be your solution.