Laura Swartzbaugh

: Life Coach for Coaches on Their Way to 100k

Expert Overview

I help women coaches clean up their thinking, take decisive action, & trust themselves so they can have more fun reaching 100k.

I'm a specialist in the "coach brain" -- all of the ways that coaches use their tools and skills against themselves.  I help coaches who think it's working for everyone else, they should be farther along, and that they've got to get it right learn how to stop believing these thought errors.

You learn that you're not alone, your thoughts are not a problem, and that you're already making progress. You realize that you can have a life and a business that you love. You discover that you can handle the personal issues you're facing and build your business at the same time. You belong to a small community of wicked smart, funny, like-minded women coaches who get you.

Your journey to 100k is faster, easier, and more fun than you thought possible.

Work with Me

Click here to schedule a free consult.  You'll never forget what you learn about yourself during the call.  And, by the end of our hour together, we'll know for sure if we're a good fit. I can't wait to meet you and get to know your Coach Brain.