Lauren Cash

: Master Certified Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I believe in process-oriented, client-lead coaching relationship when working privately with clients. This means that in our time together, I won't be pre-selecting topics to teach you or have an agenda for where to take you. Instead, I'll meet you where you are with specific lessons and practices to help you overcome what you've been struggling with each week. I will be thinking of questions and things for us to process to create the overall reality you told me you want to shift while we work together.

You can check out which topics I'm primarily known for coaching on here.

I interweave resources and integration suggestions on an as-needed basis so you'll be able to become who you ultimately want to be. If you desire a more structured approach with material and teaching, you're invited to pair a resource from The Shop with our coaching.

I am also an Inner Voice Facilitator certified by Jess Lively and certified in three levels of Human Design and Gene Keys coaching. I hold an MA in psychology and an MS in nutrition science, and am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Aside from personal development and psychology, I also nerd out over minimalism, effective workflows, processes and systems, simplicity, and personal finance especially in the FIRE community–to name a few of my interests.

I love bringing the math and the magic and mixing them all together for a nuanced eclectic approach.

Work with Me

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