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Lauren Davenport

: Coach for College Students

Coaching Philosophy

If there is anything I have learned in my 24 years of life is, mental health is everything.  Our mind controls every single thing we think, feel, and do. It is the most important tool we have, it creates our reality. This is why we must treat it as so. We must take care of it, which means taking the time to explore it, understand it, and learn to use it to the best of our abilities. The best and most useful way I found to do that is through coaching.



Work with Me

The amount of mental health resources on college campuses are few and far between. Add the stigma of asking for help and you have a recipe for a mental health crisis amongst college campuses.

That is where I come in. College is the most transformative years of a newly adults life. Learning how to live on your own, being away from home, thrown into a foreign landscape of social and academic pressure, to say it's a lot doesn't do it justice. Add alcohol, partying, and the comparison trap into the mix and the stress levels are about as high as the dropout rates. This is why 50% of students (those who admit to it) struggle with their mental health and 40% do not seek out help.

Asking for help is sometimes the strongest thing you can do. If you want your college experience to be the best it can be, let me help you. Don't let the fear of asking for helping keep you from getting it.

I can help you with any problem.