Lauren Fair

: Divorce Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Divorce or family separation is a highly emotional, life-changing event.

I help people to divorce confidently, efficiently, and peacefully while saving money throughout the divorce process.

As a certified life and divorce coach with an extensive background as a divorce attorney and mediator, I help clients conquer overwhelm, learn to navigate the complex legal system, gain clarity on where to put their attention and resources in the process, feel better, and create a post-divorce life they are excited to live.

Work with Me

Because I’ve been in your shoes, I know how important it is to have someone you can count on and trust! I offer private, one-on-one personal coaching to a limited number of people each year for 3 months at a time. My 3-month coaching package includes 1:1 weekly coaching sessions and are highly customized to each client’s needs. Sessions occur remotely so I may support people around the world.

My coaching program is perfect for you if:

- You are considering initiating divorce, facing a divorce desired by your spouse, going through a pending divorce, or recovering and moving on from a divorce that has already been completed– no matter how long ago!
- You want to get through the legal process faster, less expensively, and more confidently.
- You need a safe space to vent your feelings and experiences without fear of judgment and receive support.
- You want to identify and clear emotional blocks to approaching your divorce proceeding from an empowered place.
- You are ready to work on your mindset to help you handle circumstances over which you have no control.
- You are committed to being coachable and taking action to create the results you want as you navigate this important life transition.
- You may need connecting with top-tier attorneys, therapists, and other professionals you may need along the way.
- You would like a safe and judgment-free place to vent, re-center, prioritize, process, and keep moving forward.
- You would love to find a sense of calmness and peace when presented with frustrations of the legal process.
- You want to learn to navigate co-parenting without going crazy.
- You need help learning about the business of divorce and getting organized for the legal process to reduce reliance on your attorney and reduce legal fees.
- You need to re-enter the workplace or build a new business; slow down and focus on yourself, self-care, and what you really want; and dream, plan, and step into your next chapter in life.

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