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Lauren Woodburn

: Golf Performance Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Your brain is a very powerful tool. I’m here to help you make your mind your greatest competitive asset so that you can WIN MORE. I want your brain to work for you instead of against you. We’ll take a close look at your thoughts and help you become the boss of your own brain. You call the shots. You have other coaches to hone your physical skills, but I am the brain coach.

The ultimate goal here is for you to WIN MORE. I want you to BELIEVE COMPLETELY in your potential and I want you to have full confidence in yourself as you compete on and off the course.

I coach young golfers that want to compete collegiately WIN MORE and reach those goals by teaching them how to create confidence and develop their mental edge.

Work with Me

I work with competitive golfers, who are ready to create their competitive mental edge and reach their potential.

These tools do not work for a select few. With these tools you will be more confident, have fun competing, win with your C game, practice effectively, and get all the results you want!

You can work with me by joining my 6 week program, THE ART OF WINNING.

IF you have an golfer that you want to support on their journey to compete at the collegiate level, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR THEM. If you are that golfer, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

This is a 6 week ON DEMAND program that you can begin THIS WEEK. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, drop everything. Do it now. You won’t want to miss this!

Each week there will be a webinar lesson and optional worksheets. You will also receive a 30 minute private coaching session EVERY WEEK to apply the principles to your specific game, strategy, and challenges.

Register here.

OR we can work one on one.

In our 30 minutes sessions, I will teach you how to overcome any challenge and achieve any goal. I’ll offer you tools to help you plan effective practices, discover the thoughts that enhance your performance, create confidence, accomplish any goal, solve any obstacle you’re facing and ultimately WIN.