Leigh N. Schutzky

: Break Free from the BFL Coach

Expert Overview

I'm on a mission to help people break free from the Big Lie.

The Big Lie is that:

• We should be happy all the time, and we shouldn’t feel emotions like sadness, depression, fear, anxiety, grief.
• Our inherent condition of being fully human – emotions, experiences, our humanness itself – is a “problem”.
• If we’re not happy, something is fundamentally wrong with us – we’re “broken” and “need fixing”.

Work with Me

I’ve had my “donkey on the edge!” moment, and I’m not pussyfooting around – as a skilled Certified coach, I teach clients how to create permanent results:

  • Stop beating yourself up because you don’t feel good or happy all the time.
  • Embrace that you’re 100% amazing as you are. EVERYTHING you’re experiencing is totally normal, and your brain and its constant mind chatter is working perfectly.
  • Stand authentically in your own truth – without anyone or anything else around you changing.

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