Lesley Martin

: Post-Traumatic Growth Coach

Expert Overview

Lesley helps high achievers who've been through adversity create more authentic, joyful and fulfilling lives. As someone who has overcome a lot of adversity already in your life, you’re in a good place now. You’re stable, settled and have a pretty good life. There’s definitely a sense of safety in the status quo, now that things have calmed down and you’re on the other side of the turmoil. You have a sense there’s more on the horizon for you, that you could do something really amazing with your life, but all your self-doubt and old fears resurface and you retreat back into the security of the comfortable life you’ve curated for yourself. You try to convince yourself you have a good enough life, you shouldn’t want more. That stepping out into the light is risky and you might be judged, or get hurt, or fail. But what if you fly? I work with you to transcend your past and all the ways it has defined you, even up to your current circumstances, and increase your willingness to step into possibility so that you can truly embody a version of yourself beyond your imaginings. LFG!


Work with Me

I currently work with clients 1:1 in an exclusive 6-month container. If you are ready to look back on your life 6 months from now and be amazed at what you’ve created for yourself - having accomplished things you would’ve outright dismissed 6 months ago, telling yourself, “there’s no way I can do that” - and you want to do that from the place of someone who has done them, then the Good to GREAT (G2G) program is for you. You can learn more here. You can also schedule a discovery call here. And if you want to get started right away, you can get a free copy of my 5-Step Strategy for High-Achievers that REALLY WORKS to turn it off and calm down here.