Leslie McCaddon-Mendoza

: Life Coach

Expert Overview

I believe every woman has a novel in her. If not a novel, a business, a piece of art, a community project, a screenplay. I believe that motherhood is only one way we can utilize our creative gifts. To be whole and happy and complete, we need to learn how to make room for our full selves.

I coach women on how to create confidence and clarity to pursue their passions without being burdened with unnecessary mom-guilt. I do this by spending time with them, really listening, and helping them see their own thoughts and how they are helping them or not. My clients and I laugh together, dream together, and learn so much about what is possible. So much is possible. Anything is possible!

As a widowed mom with kids with special needs, I truly get how complicated life can get. It doesn't scare me. And, after working together, it won't scare you anymore either!

Work with Me

All of my clients start by going through at least 3 months of one-on-one coaching with me. At the end of 3 months, we evaluate if a group coaching program would be helpful, or if more one-on-one coaching is still desirable.