Leticia Ringe

: Award-Winning Conscious Relationship Coach

Expert Overview

I help you create conscious romantic relationships that turn you on and allow you to live your fullest potential - whether you’re single or in a relationship right now.

Work with Me

Be one of the first 100 conscious romantic relationships created in 2023 through the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Leticia one-to-one in her Conscious Relationship Coaching Program.

It is the ONLY program on the planet where you will learn + apply conscious relationship principles & practices that allow for meaningful connection, deep intimacy, love in action, and conscious partnership NO MATTER where you are in the relationship cycle right now.

Whether you’re currently single, going through a divorce, separation or break up, healing a broken heart, deciding whether to leave a relationship OR in a new or long term relationship - the Conscious Relationship Coaching Program will help you meet where you are right now in your romantic life consciously AND move you into the conscious romantic relationship you truly crave.