Lindsay Davis

: Copywriting Coach for Life Coaches

Expert Overview

I help life coaches create binge-worthy copy and content in a way that leaves their clients OBSESSED with them.

Get inside your clients brain, so you can join the conversation they’re already having which helps you create that “get out of my head” copy. Your clients come to you pre-sold.

Find your F-Yeah Factor, so you can determine and tune into what makes your unique coaching frequency and amplify it to your perfect clients.

Complete your website words, so you can focus on coaching your face off. When you believe wholeheartedly in who you are, what you sell and who you help, your aura becomes magnetic.

Create your Perpetual Content System, so you never run out of content that reaches the right people. Peace out overwhelm and anxiety.

Work with Me

Click HERE to for more information about Copywriting for Life Coaches, an 8 week 1:1 coaching program so you can clarify your  unique energetic signature and write your website so it converts browsers into buyers.

Sales Page. Done.

Home Page. Done.

About Page. Done.